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Cozy! Delicious! Well maintained! Stayed in the Cottages for 2 weeks from late July to early August. Just a delight! I want to sincerely thank the management for such a heavenly place, and the staff for their hospitality and the highest level of service! The husband said that this is the best place where he was, and the rest to be the best in his life :) I'm very fussy and demanding guests, there is even nothing to complain about: the food, the serving dishes - the song (chef special thanks), Breakfast in the beautiful restaurant with beautiful views from the panoramic Windows - masterpiece, the cottages come with a cosy balcony on a solid five: and sound insulation, soft plush Slippers, perfect cleanliness, no wear furniture, modern renovation, even little things like daily candy in the form of a compliment water in sufficient quantity, no scale in the kettle and plumbing perfectly clean without a trace of lime, and what a comfortable bed, to get up with her we had only Breakfast!)) The child too was enthusiastic: a separate floor with its own TV and bathroom - is this not happiness? I appreciated the outdoor swimming pool. First, it is heated, and secondly, for me, as who could not swim, half the pool is shallow with a gradual withdrawal to a depth, i.e. for children - perfect. Bombeznaya Spa, a new and modern! It is absolutely perfect! Child dragged me to the thermal area with panoramic Jacuzzi and sauna every day! Admission is free for people staying on site, in addition to massages and pay procedures. Discounts and a free 15-min massage of your choice as a compliment from the hotel. Friendly staff, traveling to every request and executing every whim (except for one dumb waitress with the ever-frowning face). Minus the evening services, especially during large occupancy of the restaurant, not to wait for the waiters, although they try to serve on all cylinders for a long time to wait for your order. Mini territory, do not roam, but you need to understand that this is not the category of hotel giant. Snap to transfer his schedule, isolation from the promenade walk down not too far the hotel is located is so steep road, outside the hotel nothing, i.e. you are actually limited in movement. In this case, a machine is salvation, because she Alushta did not like, no sights, nowhere to go, nothing to see. Its course it would be possible to Yalta, or for a taxi you have to pay more than for tickets and tours. But it costs stunning views of the sea and mountains from the hotel. I literally filled up their pages in the social. networks views) Yes! And now the territory is expanding, building new dachas!
The aftertaste of the resort of expensive wine. At all! Themselves villas (rooms), looking for something to complain about, is not found. For kids interested in everything. Rarely there are hotels that bother the children. The older child was entertained. The younger, too, found than to occupy themselves on the Playground. At Breakfast, fed all the way to dinner about the food, no one asked. I would say, very atmospheric place. This is the place where you want to return. Thank you we will definitely be back
Sv A
Had a rest with friends. The visit was a natural tourist, when choosing a hotel was an important location in one hour distance from important attractions. The staff is very friendly, always ready to help: for example we had to somewhere in the Crimea brought a travel container of gas, the guys at the reception gladly helped us. On site is beautiful, clean, quiet. Garden planned and located very well: you can retire and you won't be disappointed Loved the "picking" numbers: not all 5star hotels such a set in every room. Well, a large area of the Garden is also a definite plus: pokazalas perfect for relaxing with two children. The breakfasts are delicious and hearty. A little unusual format (not a buffet and pre-order) but it's a matter of habit:) From the balconies of our villas have a magnificent view of the nature of the Crimea. A complete sense of privacy... In General we loved it and plan to go back and see all that is not enough time!