The Pets

Holiday club "Dачi" provides the possibility of accommodation with Pets. It is necessary to send a preliminary request to the animal (breed, weight, height at the withers) by e-mail poedy@kkdachi.ruto coordinate positioning.

The administration reserves the right to determine the possibility of visiting a specific pet in the hotel room.

The definition of "pet" subject cats and toy dogs, with veterinary passport, weighing up to 8 kg, height at withers not exceeding 30 cm.

Pet is allowed from one animal in the room.

The cost of accommodation of a pet is 1000 RUB/day (One thousand rubles per day).

The same one-off payment of 2000 roubles (Two thousand roubles), for the service of anti-allergic treatment rooms after the guests with a pet.

When you check into a hotel with a pet guest is required to make a cash Deposit in the amount of 5,000 RUB (five thousand), for risks of damage of hotel property. In case of serious damages, the guest is obliged to Deposit additional money that covers the possible consequences. In the absence of damage at the end of the period of stay, the Deposit is returned to the guest in full.